Lifestyle & Environment

Terra Nation™ brand was created to cater to the rising demand for innovative, high-end, dependable outdoor beach gear. Building on three decades of experience, a group of sector specialists collaborated to create something more than a line of functional, original and premium quality items.

Bags & Carrying Tools

The carrying category features different beach bags designs and carrying tools that transform the carrying of your beach essentials into a stylish, fun activity. All of our beach bags are designed to be functional without compromising the elegance that Terra Nation™ is known for.

Shaders & Umbrellas

Our shaders and umbrellas offer optimal sun protection (UPF +50) while providing solutions for many other needs, using innovative mechanisms and features, designed by Terra Nation™.

Tools & Gadgets

Our tools and gadgets category features five products. The umbrella holder OKA (to plant), the beach anchor KUKU (to hold), the multi clip RIMA (to tie), the TITEVE (hedgehog fish) and the AHU. Those innovative and efficient products offer specialized solutions to some universal and persistent problems encountered at a beach setting.

Towels & Mats

This category includes ultra-absorbent, antibacterial microfiber & cotton beach towels, as well as a durable and long-lasting beach mat. A lightweight specialized beach chair which becomes very small when packed completes this category.

What is Terra Nation?

We want the objects in our upcoming collection to offer users a chance to happiness; that is, to protect them and simplify things by freeing time for them and removing any possible causes of stress and worry while at the beach. We wish to take the users’ mind off the little things so they can focus on the important ones: relaxing, delighting in the water with family and friends, enjoying nature’s simple pleasures.
Our goal is to provide equipment that allows for a carefree and pleasurable experience in all stages of an excursion near the water: going to, enjoying and leaving the shore.
In other words, we want to make users happy because „We Believe in Happy People!“

Mother Earth

“Gaia” for the ancient Greeks, “Terra Mater” for the Romans, “Pachamama” for the Incas – in all these great civilizations, Mother Earth was the origin of everything and everyone. The idea that we are all taken care of in her maternal embrace, where we can feel free, serene, and safe, like young children, is precisely the mark we as Terra Nation wish to leave.

The Beach Republic:

Where earth, water, and the sky meet and become a place of recreation and pleasure; this is the Beach Republic, a realm of joy, and homeland of Terra Nation.

When we are near the water we are all equal, we are ourselves; we are unique and beaming; leaving our worries and stress behind, we leisurely surrender ourselves to Terra’s tender embrace.

The Earth takes care of all her children equally, without exclusions; we as Terra Nation want to follow in her example by offering products outstanding in terms of design, materials, functionality, practicality, colors and aesthetics.

Objects not Products

We want to offer objects, not simply sell products. We seek to encourage conscious experience near the water and the sweet sensation it provides.

Our objects are the result of careful observation, meticulous research, and exhaustive testing. We have worked systematically to guarantee their superior quality and functionality.

We firmly believe in these principles and values, yet we also strive to go beyond. We want users to realize the value of our products immediately upon using them, when their qualities shine in the environment for which they are intended, bringing a smile of satisfaction and a sense of security.

Our products are not designed to set one user apart from the rest, but to unite all in one nation: Terra Nation.
What holds all of this together is the universal notion of happiness, conscious awareness, and creativity under the sun!

Terra Nation Names

Once upon a time, on an isolated isle in the Pacific called Easter Island, the brilliant Rapa Nui civilization flourished. The Rapanui language (nowadays spoken fluently by perhaps as few as 800 of the island’s inhabitants), together with its famous stone head sculptures gazing nostalgically into the sky, represent the last vestiges of this culture. We have employed this language to name our objects.

A language, a culture, an ocean: an edifying history of great allegorical import is inscribed on Terra Nation’s objects, which become vehicles for promoting our fundamental beliefs on life. The governing concept is happiness and the idea that we can pursue it through small, practicable, everyday things.

We want to make people happy, because “we believe in happy people!”